Scalable enterprise

With a micro-service design, Cradle is built to scale into a complex setup suiting the venture's specific needs. 

In a Distributed setup scenario, you need an anycast IP service which routes a client to the closest available site. Using a distributed database such as Cockroach db, your data is kept synchronised between the sites, but you may also use the message bus for inter-site synchronisation. Files are kept up to date using an S3-compatible storage cluster or synced between fileservers at each site. 

Distributed server solution with multiple sites and anycast solution


Using the system and building sites

This is a self-hosted All-in-One site builder with complete admin views for content management, site settings and collaboration.

Server setup

This software is optimized for efficient use of servers, and it is part of our design that it is cost-effective to run. With Cradle CMS you can deploy in a single-server setup or multi-server setup.

Frontend DX

Websites depend on frontend code; thus, the frontend development experience must give possibilities for efficient work. Enhancing a website should be easy (and fun).

Self-hosting and GDPR

Self-hosting creates possibilities to control and secure your data tailored to the needs of the privacy laws you need to follow. 

Why use boring technology

We believe that boring technology can often be the most effective and efficient choice for software development leading to more focus on innovation and growth.