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Cradle CMS
Website Builder



Cradle CMS is a self-hosted solution installed on your preferred hosting.

Hosting setup


To build the website, add content, customise a prebuilt theme or start coding fresh

Using the system



Launch the site; upgrades when and if needed.


To boldly Go...

The system is written in GO for efficiency and low operational costs; it even runs on a single-board computer, utilising less than 1 GB of RAM. For flexibility, Cradle CMS is equipped with a message bus, a REST API and SDKs, so you can easily extend the core functionality. We currently support both Postgres and SQLite at the backend, and since you own the server, it's your data! 



How to install Cradle CMS on a Linux server

Using the system and building sites

This is a self-hosted All-in-One site builder with complete admin views for content management, site settings and collaboration.

Scalable enterprise

Cradle is designed to scale into a distributed setup scenario with multiple server sites involved and a highly sophisticated synchronisation of data.

Server setup

This software is optimized for efficient use of servers, and it is part of our design that it is cost-effective to run. With Cradle CMS you can deploy in a single-server setup or multi-server setup.

Frontend DX

With Cradle CMS, you need not be a full-stack developer to get great-performing web pages. There is no build step. Dependencies other than what you wish to include in a project are already managed in each release. 

Self-hosting and privacy laws

Self-hosting creates possibilities to control and secure your data tailored to the needs of the privacy laws you need to follow.