Server setup


This software is optimized for efficient use of servers, and cost-effective to run is part of our design.

Single-server deployment

A single server setup is the easiest way to install the system, and due to its efficiency, even a single-board computer can be used for low traffic sites. The admin is accessed through the site domain using a configurable path, such as "/admin".

The installation of Cradle CMS is done through a one liner in Docker even though it consists of three microservices. 

Linux Server Specs
Minimum: 1 CPU 512MB RAM 1 GB persistent *storage.
Recommended: 2CPU 2GB RAM, 10 GB persistent *storage.
*storage can mix local/shared disk or S3-compatible storage.

Multi-server deployment

Setting up the system on several servers by splitting the frontend, backend, and admin increases security and simplifies scalability.