To boldly Go...

The system is written in GO for efficiency and low operational costs; it even runs on a single-board computer, utilising less than 1 GB of RAM. For flexibility, Cradle CMS is equipped with a message bus, a REST API and SDKs, so you can easily extend the core functionality. We currently support both Postgres and SQLite at the backend. 

single-board computer

Self-managed Hosting

-on a Linux server on-premise or in the cloud. You manage the hosting of this system and tailor it to your requirements: Keep costs down, increase resources for events such as flash sales and have an easier time adapting to the ever-changing privacy laws and since you own the server, it's your data!

The software is distributed as a Linux-based docker container with a one-line setup process to get it up and running. 

  • Use your own on-the-premise server
  • Host it in the cloud: 
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited customers
  • You can be 100% GDPR compliant

About hosting

System architecture

Cradle CMS has a Backend with Message Bus, Frontend server, Admin UI, and REST API. The system enables you to create web projects with built-in support for products, collections, blogs and page management. Sites can be fully customised with liquid, HTML, CSS and JS.

Frontend server

Multiple sites and domains can be set up on the same server instance with automatic Letsencrypt certificates for each domain. You can granulate user access with roles and differentiate access per site. 

  • Multisite 
  • SSL with autocert (Let's Encrypt)
  • Customizable themes (Liquid templates)
  • SEO metafields (content metadata)
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Configurable routing

Backend and Message bus

  • Pub/Sub messagebus (using protobuf)
  • Webhook support
  • Entity event notifications
  • Postgres and SQLite support


  • OpenAPI schema (from proto files)
  • API-first centric approach
  • Restful API (no HATEOAS)
  • Scoped access for API users
  • Complete API documentation is built into the admin


This is an out-of-the-box CMS with complete admin views.

  • Dashboard showing statistics, to-do, and audit logs.
  • Admin views for products, categories, pages, blogs ...
  • Role-based access for staff accounts.
  • Code editor: Customize with HTML, CSS, Liquid and Javascript. 
  • Theme preview and configurable settings.
  • Forms editor for web forms and form messages.
  • Outgoing email (SMTP) with message templates.
  • Files (images, media) on shared disk or S3 compatible storage. 

Buy Once
Use Forever

Cradle CMS is sold with a perpetual licence. The licence includes free support and upgrades for 12 months.

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