Getting ready to launch


We are finalizing the virtual shipping process for Cradle CMS, which is the last step before being able to launch. 

Cradle CMS is a combination of three microservices consisting of:

  1. Frontend server module
  2. Cradle site, which is the main backend engine 
  3. Admin module, which contains the API 

These will be available to install as a bundle (more straightforward installation process) or separately (for scalability), depending on your needs. They will be shipped through docker images with linux builds for ARM64 and AMD64 and accessed here, our main site. 

Cradle CMS is bought with a perpetual licence to use the system, with upgrades and support included for a year. After the year has passed, you choose if and when you want to upgrade and can then choose to pay for an upgrade. The support is intended to advise on product configuration, server requirements and integrations. We do not have any remote access to your system. 

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