Cradle CMS is a stand-alone, out-of-the-box system with Backend, Frontend, Admin UI, Webserver and a REST API. The system enables you to create a web project with built-in support for products, collections, blogs and page management. You can build custom themes with liquid in the admin UI or even customise the admin itself, or however you prefer through the API.
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Self-managed Hosting

-on a Linux server on-premise or in the cloud. You manage the hosting of this system and tailor it to your needs: Keep costs down, increase resources for events such as flash sales and have an easier time adapting to the ever-changing privacy laws. The software is distributed as a Linux based docker container with a one-line setup process to get it up and running. Read more about our:

Hosting requirements

Unlimited sites and users

Multiple domains and sites can be set up on the same server instance with automatic Letsencrypt certificates for each domain. You can granulate user access with roles and differentiate access per site. 

Boring Technology

The system is written in GO for efficiency and low operational costs; the system can even run from a single-board computer, utilising less than a GB or RAM. For flexibility, the system is equipped with a gRPC API, a message bus, a REST API and SDKs, so that you can create awesome integrations and extend the core functionality. We currently support both Postgres and SQLite at the backend, and since you own the server, it's your data!