Basic installation

How to install Cradle CMS with Podman or Docker on a Linux server.

Installation is done in three steps:

Login with Podman/Docker 

The podman/docker username is the licence key which you find under Licences on your account page. Password is the customer account password

$ docker login
Login Succeeded!


$ podman login
Login Succeeded!

Create storage

Its good practise to create a docker / podman volume so that the container/server can persist your data (media and databases) on the host system (your linux server).

$ podman volume create storage

Download the latest cradle-cms image

$ podman pull


To install and start cradle-cms is just a simple one-liner. 

For production

$ podman run -it -d --restart unless-stopped -p 443:4040 -p 80:8080 --name cradle-cms -v storage:/storage -e ADMIN_PASS="" -e SECRET_KEY=""

All environment options (-e) is needed for the first time setup. Basically it creates the first admin user and configures an encryption key used for sensitive data, such as your email server password. You also need to register and setup a domain name, then cradle-cms automatically negotiates a letsencrypt certificate on demand.

Local setup (for test driving) without a domain

Creates a webserver on https://localhost:4040 .


$ podman run -v storage:/storage -p 4040:4040 -e ACME=false

Admin at /admin username admin, password admin password.