Built with boring technology

"Boring technology" refers to using established and well-known technologies, frameworks, and tools in software development instead of constantly chasing the latest technologies. And with keeping this in mind, it might come as no surprise that we use Golang, as their motto is: 

Boring is good. Boring is stable. Boring means being able to focus on your work, not on what’s different...

Established technologies have a longer (or long enough) maturity time, meaning more bugs and issues have been discovered and fixed, resulting in fewer unexpected problems or frequent updates. Established technologies have been widely adopted and standardized, making them more likely to work well with other systems and technologies. And when there are issues, many resources are available to help developers troubleshoot issues and find solutions. All these reasons can help reduce the complexity of a software project and make it easier to maintain over time.

Using boring technology in software development helps reduce complexity, increase stability and reliability, improve interoperability, provide better support and documentation, and reduce cost.